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X17 A6 Leather Notebook Cover Review

X17 is a notebook system developed by a German company (conveniently named X17) that consists of a notebook cover with elastic rings. These rings hold up to four notebook inserts, three in the model I use. The system is not… Read →
September 2016

BIC 4 Color Grip Review

After switching to a Filofax for daily planning and record keeping I got more interested in ballpoint colors outside of the standard blue and black. Color coding helps with categorization and makes the pages prettier. When I’m on m… Read →
August 2016

Van der Spek Resources and Reviews

I wrote that filing appointments and making plans are different kinds of tasks that require different tools, which is why the Hobonichi Techo isn’t for me. The past two weeks I’ve been using my old Filofax Metropol to combine bot… Read →
August 2016

Planning in Your Inbox?

I talked about why the Hobonichi Techo doesn’t work for me and that I use pen and paper to plan: […] the development of long term plans still happens on paper and oftentimes I copy appointments from my calendar into my notebook and… Read →
August 2016

Different Types of Ink: Ballpoint, Gel and Rollerball

Every newcomer to the wonderful world of pen addiction quickly notices that there are wet and dry ballpoint pens (as in “pens with a ball”). Some of these pens are marketed as ballpoints, some as gel pens, some as rollerballs. The… Read →
August 2016

Electronic Calendar or Paper Planner?

In November 2015 I decided to try something new … a paper planner! I picked the widely recommended Hobonichi Techo. The planner doesn’t disappoint, it’s exactly the right format to take everywhere, offers thin but fountain pen frien… Read →
August 2016

Vintage Notebooks

The wonderful Notebook Stories writes about some vintage notebooks from her collection. Most of my notebooks are ones that I’ve bought new and filled with my own notes and sketches. But I also occasionally succumb to my w… Read →
August 2016